Welcome to HOMI HOUSE website, we will update the latest information on payment policy here so that you can easily grasp the information.
1. About sales policy: HOMI HOUSE always let customers see the goods before receiving to avoid the case that the delivered product is different from the product you ordered.
2. Secure payment:
– Customers paying at HOMI HOUSE should note that if paying in advance, they need to check the payment information of HOMI HOUSE listed on the website, to avoid being taken advantage of by fraudsters.
– When paying COD, you can check the goods before paying, so please check carefully whether the product is correct with the ordered product or not, to avoid other units stealing information and delivering poor quality goods. quantity to customers.
3. Shipping policy:
– Depending on the time, HOMI HOUSE will have preferential shipping rates for you and this shipping fee is collected by the carrier according to the agreement with the shop, so you will get the best deals.
4. Return policy:
When the product does not match the product you ordered, HOMI HOUSE has a return policy for customers as follows:
– The product you receive correctly from the shop sent by HOMI HOUSE, within the first 5 days of use, you will be free to exchange and return the goods if the product is damaged, different in style, different from the advertisement.
– You want to return the goods to the shop within 5 days but there is no reason to pay the shipping fee to the carrier.
5. Refund Policy:
– In case you transfer money in advance to HOMI HOUSE but the product is not delivered on time or the product style is wrong, you can request a refund. HOMI HOUSEwill process and refund you within 2 working days.
– In case you return the goods, HOMI HOUSE will consider processing and refunding you within 2 working days.


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